FBEngagr Review : 

The Engagement builder tool That boosts My Facebook Page, Customer Engagement, Increase Sales and Conversion


With over 2 billion users on Facebook marketing on this platform gives you access to lots of customers, however, it is very competitive. With the new FBEngagr Software Tool you can now access these customers with ease.


FBEngagr is a feature-packed poll campaign software tool that helps boost My Facebook page by promoting and engaging your customers with your products or services on Facebook quickly and with ease.

It is simply a  cloud-based software that lets you build Eye-catching Poll-Like campaigns on Facebook with a user-friendly image editor.

Poll campaigns are proven to engage potential customers by commenting on their choice from the poll. With FBEngagr, you can set up automatic sales response messages to comment on every potential customer on your poll campaigns in Facebook. This is a great customer engagement strategy as it gives you the ability to build customer list based on the offer in the poll they respond to.

Key Features of FBEngagr

✔Poll Post/Ad Builder With Automated Funnels

✔Create Campaign in seconds…

✔Instant Campaign Editor

✔Collect Leads, Sell Products and Go Viral on Social Media Instantly & in a More Interactive Way.

✔Autoresponder Integration

✔One Click Post To Facebook Fan page.

✔Create Two Type Of Campaign (RATE OR VOTE CAMPAIGN)

✔Access to Over 20 Million High-Quality Photos in Image Library.

✔Access to Over 20 Million High-Quality Photos in Image Library.

✔One Click Image Upload Option.

✔Private Autoreply to Comments on Post.

✔Autopost To All Fan pages and Profile.

✔Ready Made Campaign Templates In Different Niches.

✔Online Image Editor

✔Poll/Vote Stats

✔CTA Builder

About the author – Victory Akpos et al

FBEngagr Review
Victory Akpos FBEngagr Software Creator

Victory Akpos and his Partner  Misan Morrison are two men behind this product. They are very successful in the social marketing field. Both are well-known for releasing solid software tools that gross 6 figures in sales revenue.

FBEngagr has been developed to bring a revolution in the way we run the social marketing campaign. See The Results From Testing This Powerful FBEngagr Tool. 

Results From Testing the Powerful Engagr Tool
Results From Testing the Powerful Engagr Tool

All you need to do is take 3 simple steps to make FBEngagr work for you;

Step 1: Login To Fbengagr’s Cloud-Based Dashboard.

Step2: Create a Poll Campaign using one of the templates given in FBEngagr or create a poll campaign from scratch.

Step3: Customize Your Post With The Live Preview Feature To Tweak The Appearance & Layout.

That’s it, NO technical skills or experience required.

FBEngagr Demo

Who is FBEngagr for?

  • It is for the Social Marketer
  • The Business Owner
  • Online Marketers
  • The Product Sellers
  • The Bloggers
  • Online Coaching
  • Any Type of Promotion
  • Amazon and eBay Offers
  • The Affiliate Marketers
  • And several more


FBEngagr gives you simple Step-by-step training on all its features, it requires NO technical skills as nothing is installed on your computer.

FBEngagr works on any device and gives quick results, however,  you require a good internet connection.

FBEngagr Evaluation and Price

The official Launch of FBEngagr is November 11th, 2017 and is currently being introduced at a very low price, it is highly recommended that you take your decision quickly as this very low price will not remain low for long. FBEngagr comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, in other words, you have one month to try out its features before you decide to keep it or not.

FBEngagr has 1 front end and 3 OTO’s

Front-end – FBEngagr  (starting at $27) –  see details

OTO1 – FBEngagr Delux ($47)- see details

OTO2 – FBEngagr FDY – see details

OTO3 – FBEngagr Agency – see details

FBengagr Agency (100 License) – See details

FBengagr Agency (50 License) – see details


FBEngagr is highly recommended for all facebook businesses owners especially marketers.

Thanks to this software tool automatic responses to everyone who comments on your campaigns can easily be set up and Customer lists built based on the offer in the poll they respond to.

Today you can own a powerful marketing poll campaign tool on Facebook and at a very affordable price.

FBEngagris truly all you need, make your decision now before the price goes up or the licenses are sold out.

Good luck with your decision.